Now one more comfortable and cool resting place has opened in Riga. From here on any free day of the week, you have the opportunity to come along with your friends, relatives or simply by yourself, and spend time in a wonderful mood.

Our bar staff will treat you well and give you a good mood all day, and also offer you a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

PlayStation 4 gaming consoles with a wide selection of new games, a sports bar with the ability to watch sports games and a large VIP room where you can spend time in a company for up to 14 people, all in the very center! Close and comfortable for everyone!

Besides this, a very detailed and high-quality interior design has been created here, the composition of which includes a lot of different features. Such an artwork has been performed by our Riga artist Vadim Meikhans. (KRYS)

Created by  Pokkers