Virtual reality

Why are we so passionate about games ...? Because it s fun? - Yes! Because we can play with our friends? - Of course! But the most important thing is that we can spend time in another whole, in an interesting atmosphere. There was a time when people dreamed of getting into their favorite game. With your own eyes, look at a fictional planet, become participants in fascinating stories, help save the world. Today it is no longer a dream. With virtual reality glasses, anyone can attend events that began before our birth.

Games: Batman VR, Resident Evil 7, Super Hot, VR World

Price: 8€/hour

Gr1 Gr2 Gr3 Gr4 Gr5

Gaming room

- 7 newest Samsung 50" TV with 4K

- 7 Playstations

Price: Monday-Sunday 2€/hour (for 1 joystick)

Gr1 Gr2 Gr3 Gr4 Gr5 Gr6

VIP room

At your service will be:

Large room for up to 14 people

Playstation 4 (2 joysticks)

Huge Samsung TV 60" (with 4K)

Sony camera (for "Just dance"game)

Samsung 300Watt personal music system (with the ability to play your favorite songs directly from your cell phone via Bluetooth)

Table games

Large desk, sofas, and soft puffy

The opportunity to watch sports games

Price: Monday-thursday 8€/hour

Price: Friday-sunday 12€/hour

Gr1 Gr2 Gr3

Created by  Pokkers